Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Post Fake Amazon Reviews

Are you a starting author frustrated that you aren't generating enough sales from your book? Well this article will teach you how to start earning some easy money! Guaranteed!

Before you read any further please be advised that This article is in full accordance with the first amendment right of freedom of speech and freedom of press. This article is not breaking any federal laws, nor state laws, nor county laws.The content on this article is not illegal. But some people might consider this article a bit unethical.

Good reviews encourage people to purchase your book. Most likely several people click on your Amazon listing daily but don't purchase your book, if you lack reviews then it's as if you have nothing to show for. More likely than not they will come across another Amazon listing similar to yours, with reviews or with more reviews than you, and probably end up purchasing that product instead. Thus if you're just a starting author, sometimes it may take several years in order to gain a sufficient amount of reviews in order to convince people to purchase your book and increase your sales. This article focuses on how to mickey-mouse the “Amazon reviews system. Fake reviews can increase your sales they can increase your seller ratings as well. I know of several people whom once they began posting fake reviews they increased their sales and earned thousands of dollars. Their book sales sparked!!!  

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that, besides fake amazon reviews, word of mouth will generate the majority of your book sales. So make sure your book is not garbage because otherwise Karma will get you one way or another. Make sure what you sell makes people happy, so they will keep recommending others to buy your book. But in order to jump start you may have to begin with fake reviews, it might give you that little boost you need to get started.

Read and enjoy:

The Basics

- Ask everyone you know to purchase your book from Amazon and post a review. Friends, coworkers, security guards and maintenance people at your building and work, teachers, as well as every new person you meet, as well as their friends.

- It's imperative that your friends purchase the book prior to posting a review, so it will say "Amazon Verified Purchase". People are able to post reviews on items that didn't purchase, but eventually they will be hidden or removed from Amazon. Plus when potential customers see "Amazon Verified Purchase" on top of EVERY review, it gives more credibility to your product.

-Have them wait at least a week, or a few weeks, after receiving the book in order to post a review.

-Make sure that each of your friends who purchases your book, also comments on other items they purchased in the past as well. Since if customers who are interested in purchasing your book start clicking on "your friends" who posted the reviews and see that the only item they ever reviewed was your product, it may seem suspicious. 
-Never post two, or more, reviews from the same computer. Have each of your friends post a review from a separate computer and a separate IP. Amazon is extremely strict about people posting different reviews, on the same product, from the same IP. THEY WILL BE REMOVED!!!

- Make sure you don't review your own book, because Amazon strictly forbids authors from reviews their own book. Amazon also forbids authors from reviewing books from other authors, they view it as a conflict of interest.

- Don't post reviews from the same IP that the book was listed from.

- Make sure NON of your family members, with the same last name as you, post a review. Amazon forbids that as well. Make sure others with the same last name as yours don't post a review either, because you risk it being removed. Amazon gives you the option to edit your name on your account page, don't think this can enable you to cheat the system by changing your name or having your family members change their name to post reviews, since your real name and theirs is registered in the billing credit card information.

- Make sure that NONE of your friends, nor family members, mentions in the review that they know you or that you asked them, or gave them the money to purchase your book in order to post a review. Also make sure people who helped you write, edit, or market your book that they don't mention THAT in the review, Amazon perceives it as a conflict of interest and those reviews will be removed as well. Even if they don't mention THAT in the review, if Amazon for any reason gets wind of the fact that one of those who helped you write, edit, or market your book or Kindle (for example if their name is visible on the cover, or in the interior of the book) had posted a review, they will be removed.

- If for some weird reason Amazon removes one of your positive reviews then don't go on impulse and panic by calling them and complaining, because it can backfire and then they may start investigating your account and removing other reviews. Stay below the radar since by contacting Amazon you will raise a red flag. It's preferable you enact the resilience policy, in which for every one review that gets removed have your friends post another four to replace that one.

-Also make sure you don't personally write ALL the reviews for your friends (and email it to them) and then have them post it directly from their own Amazon account. Please have each and every person who is posting a review write it up themselves from scratch, every review must sound different and unique. Every author, as well as every person, has his/her own style of writing which is like a fingerprint. If you have 12 reviews by 12 different people that all sound the same people will know that they are fake. What you also would want to avoid, is, after your customers purchase the book that they will realize the reviews sound similar to the contents in your book.

-Make sure if you published several books that you don't have the same person purchasing and reviewing all of them. It will look suspicious to potential customers.

- Make sure people don't only post "descriptive reviews" on what the book is about, but also mention in the reviews how the book has benefited them. It will make the reviews seem way more real and encourage more customers to buy it.

-If one of your friends accidentally posts a review prior to purchasing the book, then don't have them remove it, and then purchase the book, and then repost the review, in order for it to say Amazon Verified Purchase.  Amazon will remove it! If it accidentally happens, just leave it don't touch it.
-Ask your friends to create: a "Real Name Badge". A Real Name Badge is proof the individual is a real person.

How to approach your friends
-Offer people money to purchase your book, just keep in mind it's a priceless investment, for example if your book cost $20, then offer your friend the 20 bucks. Those $20 have the potential of generating you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and your book sales will flourish. Pay for the shipping and handling as well. If they are outta state paypal them the money.

-Approach people whom you can trust, not friends who are unstable and can turn on you by editing their review some time down the road and mentioning how you asked them to buy the book to post a review. 

-Tell your friends to read the introduction or the back of the book and post an honest review, some people might hesitate because they think it's dishonest, but not if they provide an honest review. And if one of your friends decides to give you a negative review, there's nothing wrong with it once in a while, in fact that there is an advantage that it will make your book look more realistic if there's some criticism as well.

- When you offer your friends money they will be more inclined to do it, plus there will be more of a reason and justification for them to do it. 

-It's better offering people money, otherwise everyone will say they'll do it and then procrastinates or get lazy and forget.  People whom you know still offer them the money, but those whom you know, but, not very well then just hand them the cash upon asking them.

 Don't overdue it in one day
 - Space your reviews, a few days, or a few weeks apart. If for example, you post six glowing 5-star reviews on the same day everyone will know it's fake.

- Make sure reviews aren't spaced out too evenly, because if every Monday you have a different person post a review it will look suspicious to customers (since the date is posted above each review), try to space them out days apart or at least a week apart. Post one review Monday, then wait five days post another, then after 9 days post another, then after 3 days post another.

- Space the reviews apart by areas as well. For example, if you live in Michigan and have many friends throughout the US, don't post your first 10 reviews from your neighborhood in Michigan. Try to spread them apart, get your first review from Michigan, your second from Miami, third from LA, then rotate. If you can have friends from outside the country have them purchase the book and post reviews also, since Amazon ships to Great Britain and Europe as well. Try to space them out distance wise. Amazon hasn't really started using this system yet to catch fake reviews, but it's in discussion.

Negative reviews
Negative reviews are any reviews consisting of 1-3 stars. Negative reviews are split into two categories. Critical and malicious. Malicious are reviews bashing your book, while critical are reviews offering insight into what your book is missing and making suggestions on improving it and what it's missing.

-Most importantly have your friends give you a negative review once in a while. Since whenever there is a bit of negative reviews and criticism it makes the product look much more legit. Anything in life that's 100% glowing five star reviews is too good to be true. Even the best products in the world have negative reviews. If 20 of your friends post reviews and all 20 are five stars, it will look suspicious, throw in at least two or three 2-star and 3-star reviews. Make sure at least 10% to 15% of your reviews are 3-stars or less to give your book more credibility.

-In case you get a malicious review, nine times out of ten Amazon will not remove it, in fact they are VERY VERY strict about NOT removing negative reviews! So Instead of calling them and complaining, the best solution is to bury the malicious review under tens and dozens of positive reviews from your friends. And make sure each and every one of your friends, below the review where it says "Was this review helpful to you?", clicks "no" on the malicious review, but clicks "yes" on all the positive reviews. Make sure the "yes" and "no" clicking is done from different IP's otherwise the system will reject it. But again, negative reviews offer constructive criticism, so always use every constructive criticism as a way to improve your book.

-Amazon introduced a new feature recently, due to the fact that authors were clicking the "no "button on negative review thus pushing them to the bottom, in response Amazon posted a box at top of the
review page of every item. On the left side of the box "The most helpful positive review" and on the right side "most helpful critical review". So in case you receive a malicious review from a customer and it's pushed into the box on the top of the page, have your friend post a three star review and make sure you get all your friends to like that one and make sure they unlike the malicious one, hence pushing the malicious one back to the bottom.
 -If someone posts a malicious review, and you have 15 positive reviews, customers will deem the negative review as irrelevant.

- ONLY respond to negative-critical reviews!! If someone posts a malicious review don't reply, otherwise if people see you having a back-and-forth argument with someone it will ruin your reputation. The best course of action concerning negative-malicious reviews is to ignore, ignore, ignore and deem them irrelevant.

 Keep in mind

- There are companies that provide the service of pay-per-review, stay away from them like fire. Those reviews company's post thousands of reviews for thousands of different customers. All they have to do is get caught for one which will result in all the reviews, including yours, to be taken down. If amazon gets wind of fake reviews they are removed immediately.

- If you violated any of these guidelines and your review isn't removed or blocked immediately then don't think you're off the hook. Amazon perform scans once every couple of months and that is when reviews (those which violated the guidelines) will be removed.

-Remember, on average, only 3% of items sold on Amazon result in reviews. So if receive many purchases then after every 10 purchases go ahead and have one of your friends post a review. Amazon hasn't really began developing a this sort of system yet to catch fake reviews, but it has been brought up once.

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